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Shut Up, Henry! Shut Up! Shut Up, Henry! Shut Up!

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For all the people saying this movie is origional u r wrong ...

The early parts of this cartoon (the billy's guides)were copied from the Senor Gasalaska movies and Teach me cartoons of "the comic book factory" (http://www.comicbookfactory.n et/)... in terms of style ... i let this go because i could understand there was a slim chance of it being a coincedence ...

BUT THIS MOVIE (Shut up henry shut up) ... was a rip off of "Senor Gasalaska makes a freind" ... they use the same opening sequence (wiht large shadows etc.)... and the same copyright kurfuffle to make it look similar to old skool cartoons (also used in Senor Gasalaska)... THEN ... they copy the indoors of Senor Gasalaska's house and use it in the indoors of this ... EVEN WITH THE SAME PICTURE FRAME ... and finally they use the mix of boring old skool graphics with weirdly OTT violence ... as in "Senor Gasalaska Makes a Freind" ...

What I once took as a coincedence I know see as an outright copy ...

I urge every one to go2 t/ to see just what i mean ...

Cruncha responds:

Man what the hell is with you i had to watch heaps of thoose shitty old cartoons to get that look right now you pull this shit form no where.
God damn man get a fucking life i copyied nothing except crazy old school cartoons!

SWcg A S DF Style!  Ep. 1 SWcg A S DF Style! Ep. 1

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Well ...

Maybe a good idea ... with the whole "little people thing" ... but was it me or did not much happen ... they just got stoned ... (i think)... as for the title ... i still dont have a clue wot ne of it means (also ... increase the jpeg quality)

207TJ responds:

Ok, thank you for your compliment! And you're right... not much did happend... sorry... I was just so eager to put this on Newgrounds that I decided to put my plans for the series into the next movies... Lol, you are a funny little man... the title... uh... hm... the title... uh.. hm.. uh.. well go to my site! And the JPEG quality is at it's max! (What? You don't like the blurry background? I love it... brings character...)

XiaoXiao Beth the Thief! XiaoXiao Beth the Thief!

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Well ..

I couldnt agree wiht you more .. but u say people do not take into account the purpuse of the portal ... yet its purpose is for submitting games or movies ... and this is an opinion ... and should be in the BBS where it belongs ... I give u 10 in spirit ... but "in the guidelines of the protal" ... 0

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the real pacman the real pacman

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Good ... BUT ...

It was good ... BUT ... ive seen the game on a resource site as an open source flash file ... so as far as i know ... uve just used that and changed a few sounds ... and swaped the characters round ....

aaaaahhhhhhhh responds:

well as far as i know i programmed this my self and did everything myself so why dont you just go.......ok that felt better